Peter MacCorquodale

I lead Biscochito’s day-to-day operations and ensure its infrastructure and systems are on point and working well. I also create solutions when these elements of our organization run into barriers or challenges.

I am the eternal child, fulfilled by supporting others, empathic, always searching for connectedness, detail-oriented, always designing and inventing, admirer of manifestors, a deep (and possibly) overthinker and always striving to be more adaptable.

I never thought I would be a caregiver, but I have cared for several people I loved deeply. Having the opportunity to be with someone as they move into a time of life that requires more support has taught me an immense amount. I’ve learned that we are beautiful, powerful, and valuable in all phases of life, and that it’s an honor to be part of someone’s Circle of Love.

I graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelors of Architecture and have been designing, creating strong foundations and building structures and systems all my life. I also invest in real estate and love supporting my two favorite manifestors in any and all entrepreneurial ventures they can dream up. I have been with Santa Lucia since 2008 as an office manager and member of the development team.

Peter’s Playlist
  • Your Song–Elton John

  • Rio-Duran Duran

  • One-U2

  • Why-Annie Lennox

  • You’re My Best Friend–Queen